Tori Freestone Trio
Sunday, February 5th, 2017
Reviewer: Reg Webb

Having recently endured a mixture of being ‘indisposed’ and catching up, I still remember this gig, and in fact bought both Tori Freestone’s CDs.

My visits to Colchester Arts Centre Jazz Club continue to expose me to gigs which are not only good, but better than I'm expecting. So it proved with Tori's trio featuring Dave Manington and Tim Giles.

Being a piano player and harmony freak, I had misgivings about whether my subjective prejudices might get in the way of enjoying the space provided by not having piano or guitar filling all the gaps with sonic cement.

At the end of the first set, I was still feeling a sense of harmonic lack but, by the time the second set started, I was drawn into listening into what Tori’s music is, rather than what I might be used to.

Drawing from her two albums, El Barranco, and In The Chophouse (Whirlwind Recordings), we were treated to an exercise in mutual understanding and originality without the awkward self-conscious feeling of "Look how original I am", with tracks like Challenger Deep, Quetz Alcoatius, and Mrs PC (I think they played that one - a long while ago now).

So thanks to the musicians for conquering my chords or nothing prejudice, and thanks again, Steve, for organising yet another memorable chance to hear music which I normally wouldn't.