“Once in a while, an album like this appears on the horizon,

becoming the unputdownable Earworm that Costello portrays at the heart

of his colourful recording.”

London Jazz News

"Connections is a very enjoyable and often very beautiful album, one that again demonstrates

Costello’s flair for melody and his ability

to build and sustain

a specific mood or feeling."

- The JazzMann

"There won't be many, if any, better guitar albums either side of the Atlantic this year." *****

Lance Liddle, Bebop Spoken Here, on

London Stories

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Sunday, October 23rd, 2022

Julian Costello Quartet

Connections: without borders

"This is a great album: strong, tenacious in its quality and simply makes a great listen." - Sammy Stein, Jazz in Europe, on Earworm.

"All in all, masterfully written and played, elegant and expressive. I'd wholeheartedly recommend giving this a listen." - Lance Liddell,  Bebop Spoken Here, on  Connections: without borders. 

A musician who cites Jan Garbarek, Ralph Towner, John Coltrane and Jimi Hendrix among his influences, Julian's playing has a sense of graceful lyricism and an inner strength, carefully crafting his improvising, which is beautifully structured and mellow.

All four musicians have strong and distinctive Individual voices, but the sound they collectively produce is warm, playful, intimate, intricate, intense and, most importantly, far from banal or boring. Indeed, quite the opposite, as listeners discovered when the group made their debut at the club in 2019.

"Music can, indeed, transcend borders – and myriad, often sensitive expressions on that theme can be savoured in this enjoyable album," surmised London Jazz News in its review of Connections: without borders.

Julian Costello (Saxes), Maciek Pysz (Guitars), Jakub Cywinski (Double Bass), Adam Teixeira (Drums).

"This is highly melodic music that is readily accessible, but consistently intriguing, and full of rhythmic sophistication. It all makes for a very distinctive album and one that deserves to do well.” - The JazzMann

"in Connections: without borders, Julian Costello and his quartet interpret the saxophonist’s

original chamber jazz writing which meanders between wistfulness, adventure and perky mischief."

- London Jazz News

"A Journey represents

a significant step forward for Maciek Pysz." **** 

- Matthew Ruddick,

Kind Of Jazz

Tickets: £16 / £14 Concessions. Students £6 (+ Booking Fees)

Doors: 7.00pm. 1st Set: 7.30pm