“The story of the eccentric pianist who shrugged off prejudice to become a jazz icon is ripe for dramatisation.
A crime to miss it.”
- The Times
“Touching and thought-provoking. The words are stylish and the music is excellent.” -
Evening Standard
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“Filomena Campus’ spellbinding Monk homage.” - Jazzwise

“If you enjoy Monk’s music, searing jazz, a post-modern, poetic take on musical voice and the sound of silence, this trip could well be the show for you.”
- Low Down
“A thought- provoking and entertaining mix of words and music.” Recommended!
- Time Out

Monk Misterioso:

A Journey into the Silence of Thelonius Monk

Sunday, November 5th

Theatralia presents

Perhaps the most enigmatic talent to have emerged from the maelstrom of bebop in the 1940s, Thelonious Monk continues to exert a powerful influence on the jazz world, both as a pianist and composer, and as an individual force of nature, who had the courage to go against the racism of his era.

The subtitle, A Journey Into the Silence of Thelonious Monk, is taken from the enigmatic pianist’s last seven years of his at times turbulent life, when he stopped talking and playing, totally isolating himself from the world. 

Written by Stefano Benni and directed by Theatralia's Filomena Campus, Monk Misterioso movingly explores Monk's extraordinary seven-year creative and personal silence in response to McCarthyism at the end of his life.

Award-winning vocalist (and recent Parliametary Jazz Award winner) Cleveland Watkiss and pianist Pat Thomas will embody the great jazz pianist to mark the centenary of his birth in 2017, joined by
narrator and vocalist Filomena Campus, MD Rowland Sutherland (Flute), Orphy Robinson (Vibes) and Dudley Phillips (Double Bass).


Come and celebrate the legendary composer of Misterioso for what promises to be a provocative jazz show.


Monk Misterioso website

Here's a taster video of what the show is all about.

Tickets £14 

£12 Concessions

Doors: 7.00pm. Performance: 7.30pm