“Once in a while, an album like this appears on the horizon, becoming the unputdownable 'Earworm' that Costello portrays at the heart of his colourful recording.”

- Adrian Pallant,

London Jazz News

"This is a hugely enjoyable and accomplished album with a

set of original compositions that

are immediately engaging yet reveal more about themselves and the quartet with each new hearing."

- Jazz Views

Julian Costello Quartet

Sunday, November 17th

"Julian Costello is a sax lyricist, telling his stories of life’s ups and downs with perfect alteration of tone to impart strength, humour and even frailty at times, whilst the other players intuitively alter their stances, apart from their solo passages, where their inner nature springs to the fore. This is a great album: strong, tenacious in its quality and simply makes a great listen," wrote Jazz in Europe's Sammy Stein when reviewing 'Earworm'.

Formed in 2016, the Julian Costello Quartet released their debut album in September 2017 to critical acclaim. A tenor/soprano saxophonist with a sense of graceful lyricism, combined with an inner strength, Julian's improvising is carefully crafted, beautifully structured, and mellow.

The four musicians all have strong and distinctive Individual voices, but the sound they collectively produce is warm, playful, intimate, intricate, intense and, most importantly, far from banal or boring.

Establishing their reputation for intense live performances that contain great energy, and also humour, the JCQ embarked on an Open Soundcheck tour of England and France in the autumn of 2018.


Julian says the Open Soundcheck idea - where audiences are invited to witness the band sound checking and encouraged to ask questions - helps to create a dialogue, and strengthen the relationship between performers and audiences prior to and during the concert.

Julian Costello (Saxes), Maciek Pysz (Guitars), Jakub Cywinski (Double Bass), Adam Teixeira (Drums).

"This is highly melodic music that is readily accessible, but consistently intriguing, and full of rhythmic sophistication. It all makes for a very distinctive album and one that deserves to do well.” - JazzMann

"An inventive,

good-humoured album full of warmth and humanity. The music encompasses free-form passages, flowing and often romantic melodies, insistent hooks

and inventive soloing."

- Bruce Lindsay,

All About Jazz

Tickets: £14 / £12 Concessions. Students £6 (+ Booking Fees)

Doors for soundcheck: 5.45pm. 1st Set: 7.30pm