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Thursday, May 18th:

Swiss Jazz Trio VEIN

A lemur with a life belt, a mock political campaign poster and a picture of the band dressed as pastry chefs? Cast your eye over some of VEIN’s album covers and you might think this Swiss trio were playing it for laughs. However, don’t be fooled - their music is no joke.

Formed in 2006 by twin brothers Michael Arbenz (piano) and Florian Arbenz (drums), together with bassist Thomas Lahns, VEIN have released no less than 11 critically acclaimed albums, including collaborations with American saxmeisters David Leibmann and Greg Osby.


Almost 10 years after their formation and after playing several hundred concerts on four continents (in over 30 countries), with their latest CD, The Chamber Music Effect, VEIN interweave the language of jazz and classical musics, making their interplay even more varied, compact and innovative.


Reviewing The Chamber Music Effect, London Jazz News summed it up thus: "Unless you have another CD by VEIN, I reckon you're unlikely to have anything else in your collection that's quite like this . . . It grooves, it's rubato, it's subtle, it's fun, it's ruminative, it’s exultant; above all, it's constantly surprising. It's a treat."

One of the most enthusiastic and interesting groups of its kind in recent years, VEIN is a piano trio that's all about interplay: stop-start grooves, flighty melodies and games of hide and seek. In other words, a piano trio with a difference. And a damn fine one too.


Watch the trio performing two original compositions, Evolution and Strike.

“An incredibly creative piano trio.” - Rolling Stone

“I have rarely heard young jazz musicians play with such

passion and drive!” - Rocktimes

“ . . . they are a very polished group, yet remain exciting and

able to turn on a dime.” - Cadence Magazine

Tickets £16 / £14 Concessions
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Doors open 7.0pm. Music from 7.30pm

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