"This is another fine album from Janette Mason . . . and does show just how
far her music has developed in the course of the
three albums released thus
far, and for
reaffirms what a
fine jazz trio
pianist she is."
Nick Lea, Jazz Views, on Red Alert

"A band leader of pugnacious flair

and genuine unpredictability.”

- James Griffiths,

The Guardian

Sunday, December 6th

Janet Mason Trio:  Red Alert

The Janette Mason Trio impressed when they debuted at the club in 2016, with their mix of contemporary jazz, cool grooves, interesting timescapes, funky synths and cinematic textures.

Janette's latest trio and third CD, Red Alert, marks a new direction for her contemporary writing. Combining synths with piano for this album, she stays true to her unique compositional style, while developing a new contemporary jazz sound.


Alongside Janette's compositions, the trio take on arrangements of pop classics such as the Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams, Gary Numan's Cars, The Beatles' Eleanor Rigby and David Bowie's Ashes to Ashes, plus new takes on the classic American Songbook.


Janette draws upon her eclectic influences in jazz, pop, indie, classical, Latin American and World Music, to forge her own original style that journeys from intimacy to dynamic attack, and intricacy to expansive fluidity.


With the ability to combine the latest technology with her natural flair for orchestration, Janette’s versatility and articulate musical inventiveness creates a diverse array of atmospheres and moods. Think Herbie Hancock meets Dave Brubeck.


One of UK jazz's best-kept secrets, Janette is a consummate musician who has worked with pop artists such as Seal, Pulp, Oasis, kd lang and Suzanne Vega, plus outstanding jazz vocalists like Claire Martin and Ian Shaw - and more quirkier singers such as Robert Wyatt


Currently Musical Director at the Hideaway in London, Janette's debut album, Din and Tonic, was shortlisted by Guardian jazz critic John Fordham as a contender for Jazz Album of the Year. This was followed in January 2009 with the release of Alien Left Hand, which garnered a Parliamentary Jazz nomination.

Janette Mason (Piano/Synth), Tom Mason (Acoustic/Electric Bass), Chris Morris (Drums).

"This excellent album sets out to carve a new landscape for contemporary jazz. Her exquisite

piano playing and cinematic touch with synthesisers combine superbly with the tight grooves of Jack Pollitt and Tom Mason."- Andrew Tulloch on Red Alert

“Mason's arrangement skills are exemplary. Nothing here is over-egged, and all solos  underline the players' talents.”

- BBC Music